Pryme Group Dundee based companies achieve AS9100 certification

GA Scotland and GA Sliding Head, the Pryme Group Dundee based companies, are now AS/EN 9100 certified.

GA Scotland and GA Sliding Head, part of the Pryme Group, are now AS9100 certified. All companies in the Pryme Group already hold the ISO 9001 certification which sets the criteria for implementing a Quality Management System. Businesses that carry out QMSs comply with a set of internationally recognised processes and procedures. These regulatory standards support the planning and execution of an organisation’s production process, making sure to deliver the same level of quality every step of the way. The Pryme Group commitment -and that of all its companies- is to provide best-in-class service to its clients while setting up a practice for continual business development. Thus, implementing a QM system is a must to build a base of quality and trust for them. By obtaining the ISO9001, our companies show we can demonstrate a consistent class service. In meeting the Standard requirements, they strive to improve at every step.

Being awarded AS9100 is a stepping stone towards the Pryme Group growth and improvement plan.

In March 2019, GA Scotland -a specialist in CNC Machining, EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) and Coating & Surface Treatment services- and GA Sliding Head -a specialist in Star Sliding Head machining from 0.3 to 33 mm- achieved the AS9100. Also known as EN 9100, this certification requires companies to adhere to a higher level of standards. It is based on the 9001 and adds specific requirements for the Aviation, Space and Defence Industries. GA Scotland and GA Sliding Head follow after GA North West, our Morecambe CNC Machining company, in gaining this achievement which further cements the Pryme Group growth and improvement plan for an overall and comprehensive high-level QMS.


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