8 Weeks at Pryme Group as Marketing Intern

Over the past 8 weeks we’ve had Fraser Allan with us as a Marketing Intern whilst on summer break from studying International Marketing at Glasgow Caledonian University, we asked Fraser to reflect on his internship and this is what he had to say…

“I’ve been fortunate enough to complete a summer internship with Pryme Group as Marketing Intern over the past 8 weeks. During my time here I have developed skills in many areas of Marketing, particularly in the graphic design aspect of it, this was specifically important for me to develop as it was my weakest skill before I started my time here.

“I developed my graphic design skills through a range of different tasks, for example, I completed a company brochure which consisted of me designing a front cover, back cover, and pages for all five companies in the group. I also completed a display board for GA Engineering to be put up in their workshop. These tasks have helped me progress my design and creativity skills while also giving me an insight into the level of creativity I will need in the marketing workplace.

“Additionally, I have also developed my research skills through various tasks such as, making a list of universities in the UK and Europe that have research facilities related to the energy, industry, and subsea sectors that Pryme Group could use for an upcoming project. A huge part of marketing is social media; that being the case, I was given tasks to create social media posts on linked in for IMES and GA Engineering, this really gave me an insight on how to engage with customers and the public.

“Pryme Group had also recently completed a rebranding exercise before I joined, it has been very interesting for me to see the amount of work that needs done when a company is going through something like this. I was assigned some tasks to do with the rebrand such as, changing over one hundred Hydratron data sheets to the new branding.

“I went for this role as Marketing Intern as I wanted to gain exposure to the marketing industry by getting some real workplace experience. I was also looking for a job for summer while I was home from university therefore, this was the perfect opportunity for me. There is only so much I can learn in a classroom at university so getting real world experience this summer will significantly help me going into my second year of university. Overall, I have developed various skills during my time here including, communication, attention to detail, creativity, research, and writing.

“Developing all these skills has really made my time here very enjoyable and beneficial making me extremely grateful to Pryme Group for the opportunity.”


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