SengS PR2 Test Unit – Case Study

Developing a PR2 Test system for product testing

SengS were approached by an international leader in stainless steel and high alloy castings as well as in highly engineered valves for the most severe applications and industries. They were looking to enter the subsea market sector with their products.

They already provided equipment into LNG and Nuclear markets, but had ambitions to break into the Oil & Gas sector. Existing market applications for customer equipment only required low temperature qualification. In order to attain status in subsea market, their equipment needed to be API 6A compliant.

The challenges

The equipment and infrastructure required to qualify equipment to the API 6A standard is very specialist and required a bespoke engineered solution.

There are many inherent risks associated with testing to API 6A, including extreme pressure and temperature ranges. The solution needed to incorporate risk mitigation for the safety of operators and equipment.

Our approach

Collaborating closely with the customer, we determined the optimal solution to provide them with both an in-house capability and access to SengS specialist engineering and testing services for future projects. We also developed a training program for their personnel.

The end result

SengS designed, manufactured and commissioned a complete test solution to conduct PR2 testing to API 6A standard. It had comprised of three main sections:

  • 40,000 psi rated test cell
  • Hydraulic and gas power unit
  • Environmental chamber

As well as a full documentation package, including operation manuals.

Test Cell

The Test Cell safely encapsulates test equipment and products being tested at pressures up to 40,000 psi.


2 bays at 5m x 5m, or by removing dividing wall: 1 large bay at 10m x 5m. 3m height.

Construction Material

15mm steel plate to exterior, wood lined interior

Ballistic Capability

Designed to safely contain bullet like projectiles being ejected from test pieces under pressure

Associated Equipment Provided

Provision in doors and locks for magnetic safety switches, cameras and recording equipment provided to the client.

Hydraulic and Gas Power Unit

A powerful Hydraulic and Gas Power Unit provides the test piece or product pressure requirements during PR2 testing to API 6A standard.


2.10m (L) x 1.25m (W) x 2.60m (H)

Construction Material

Stainless steel for low-maintenance and longevity

Pressure Range

0-31,000 psi water / 0-21,000 psi gas

Associated Equipment Provided

Hydratron pumps, air operated valves, pressure gauges / transducers, solenoid valves, etc.

Environmental Chamber

An Environmental Chamber houses a test piece or product during PR2 testing to API 6A standard, allowing it to be heated and cooled as required.


Internal: 2.0m (L) x 1.4m (W) x 0.8m (H)

Construction Material

Stainless steel liner, containing high performance insulation

Temperature Range

Approx.: -40 deg C to +250 deg C

Associated Equipment Provided

High temperature heat blower and controller, nozzles and pipework to inject coolant gas into the chamber, extension piece to raise the lid and increase internal height by 1.0m

Documentation Package

  • All relevant assembly and layout drawings
  • Completed Factory Acceptance Test procedure, documenting pressure integrity and function tests of all features, and pressure test chart records for Hydraulic and Gas Power Unit
  • Operating manuals
  • Certificate of Conformity for each scope of supply


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