Casing penetrator machined from blank – Case study

Machining a casing penetrator from a blank – Case study

We had an enquiry for the sub-contract manufacturing of a 30˚ flange to flange connection casing penetrator. The item could not be sourced as a casting so was required to be manufactured from a solid piece. We worked with the customer to repair the component CAD model to ensure it was suitable for the finish part required. Our Manufacturing Engineer reconfigured the model for customer approval so we could commence with manufacture.

We had to design a work holding method and carefully plan the machining operations in order to successfully produce the component, which required full 5 axis machining. The component was machined in 3 operations:

1. The first operation did not require any specialist fixtures and was held in the four-jaw chuck on the machine.


2. The reverse side of the component was machined with a custom jig so that we could securely hold the machined face from the first operation.

3. The final operation involved turning the component back over to complete the machining processes. This required another custom jig that could ensure correct alignment by bolting into place.

Thanks to this careful planning and work holding design we were able to machine a finished component to specification with a quick turnaround time.


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