Improving Quality Systems at GA Slidinghead

Improving Quality Systems at GA Slidinghead

We’re pleased to announce our latest investment at our GA Slidinghead facility which greatly improves the workflow of the quality department.

Precision Machining to tight tolerances

As specialists in sliding head machining, GA Slidinghead machines components from 0.3mm to 33mm with very fine tolerances. As an AS9100:2018 Rev D certified aerospace component manufacturer, we’re experienced in meeting demanding standards and our quality management system reflects this. As well as eliminating any non-conforming parts and productions issues, parts must be dimensionally checked before being approved for delivery.

Modern quality inspection equipment

We have recently invested in a Vicivision M306 Techno and an OGP SmartScope Flash CNC 200. The purchase and installation of these new inspection units has allowed our quality team to increase productivity of inspection reporting and maintains dimensional control directly on the shopfloor.

Vicivision M306 Techno

Designed for high volume inspection of precision cylindrical parts, the Vicivision M306 Techno is an ideal match for the GA Slidinghead Quality Control team. It allows the fast, accurate inspection of components up to 300mm in length, 60mm in diameter and 10kg in weight.

OGP SmartScope Flash CNC 200

The OGP SmartScope Flash CNC 200 with 3D CAD based ZONE3 is an automatic measurement system that uses high resolution optics and touch probe capability to assure accurate, reliable inspection of components. It has a 12:1 zoom lens that automatically compensates for magnification changes. which reduces operator inspection times.

Improved quality reporting

Whereas previous quality inspections required a stage of manual report creation, the new systems use networked QC-CALC data collection and SPC software designed to manage, analyse, and report inspection data from both machines. The QC-CALC software includes QC-CALC SPC for in-process control and QC-GAGE for collecting manual inspection data from the shopfloor. All inspection data is passed to QC-CALC to be converted into reports for first article inspection, in-process control plans and final inspection. The generation of instant, detailed reports speeds up the inspection process and reduces the chance of human error occurring. Switching between inspection batches is also faster with the new equipment. The time savings have the benefit of freeing up operator time for more frequent inspections during production runs and addressing any production issues.

Continuous improvements

This latest investment is just part of Pryme Group’s Continuous Improvement strategy. Working across a range of industry sectors, including oil and gas, defence, aerospace, and medical gives us a breadth of experience and knowledge. By sharing this across our group companies we’re able to provide the highest possible service to our customers and ensure that we remain strong in the future.

If you are looking for a manufacturer of sliding head machined components, then please submit your RFQ and our team of experts will provide you with a no-obligation quotation.


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